Past Work

Cables installed in a bedroom built in wardrobe. Once the wardrobe was removed customer required cables extending and chased into wall.

Wall chased out and plastered with bonding coat, to allow room to be skimmed. Some people maybe wondering why the chase was taken to the right hand side before chasing but this was a bungalow and going vertically straight up it would have hit a roof rafter and there would be no exit point for the cable to the roof space.

This was an old house with two seperate wired fuseboards and generally untidy wiring as you can see. It also had an incorrectly terminated SWA cable feeding the remote garage for the property. I was a bit concerned that the wiring in the property may present problems when testing.

A new dual protected RCD consumer unit fitted and wiring tidied up. 

Prior to the new consumer unit being fitted, all wiring should be checked before to make sure it is safe. This was found sitting in the loft space in insulation.


This is a 10amp connector block that had been used to connect a cable together for a circuit feeding a power shower drawing 40 amps. 4 x the connectors rating! Fortunately this shower is only used for a few minutes a day but it had the potential to cause a major fire.



This is some work we recently completed on a new build. House required 1st fix cabling install, followed by 2nd fix sockets, switches and light fittings etc... Finished with a Dual RCD Consumer Unit.

Once completed consumer unit and house wiring was fully tested and a major works certificate issued and also submitted to NICEIC to notify the local authority building control.

This customer was a landlord who had just purchased the house and required an EICR, Electrical Installation Conditioning Report, for the letting agent. As you can see this is the old wired type fuse board. Which can be a little bewildering to some people if the are faced with a fault situation.

To complete an EICR requires exactly the same tests to be completed, as you would if you were to upgrade to a modern RCD protected consumer unit. The customer was advised that for an additional £60, the cost of a new consumer unit and a couple of hours labour this was achievable.

When you swap a consumer unit it is always wise and good practise for an electrician to check and test the circuits that will connect to it prior to replacing. When adding an RCD the last thing you want is for it to start tripping due to poor wiring. On this house a fault was discovered on the ring main that would have caused RCD tripping if it had not been found. 

This country pub had an electrical fault that meant that none of the outside lights had worked for over two months, When driving past it was actually pitch black outside and was difficult to realise that it was a pub! This led to a drop in passing trade affecting the business. Another electrician had failed to find the problem and I was called to see if I could resolve it. I took me about to 3 hours to rectify and the lights were restored back to their glory along with some xmas lights added. The landlord has since seen an increase in business and was very happy with the swift resolution

In a barbers in Biggin Hill I recently converted some halogen down lighters to use LED GU10 bulbs. The cost to do this pays for itself in the first year due to the amount of electricity you save and the different types of white light that LED's produce mean you can match it to the ambience required. One LED bulb uses 10% of the electricity required for an equivalent halogen bulb and reduces the risk of fire due to the lower heat output from the LED bulbs. 

An old wired fuse board upgraded to an RCD protected consumer. Further pictures below of the completed job. Fully tested the buildings wiring and fittings.Electrical Installation Certificate issued and notified to local authority building control as per the regulations

Another consumer unit upgrade in Westerham.

These are some pictures of a rewire of the living accommodation above a pub and restaurant. Previously the people living in the accommodation had to go downstairs in the event of anything tripping on the consumer unit, so to resolve this a new supply was taken up stairs using SWA cable and protected by a DP switched fuse downstairs

A new consumer unit was installed upstairs and all old circuits that were supplied from downstairs were removed. This consumer unit is one of metal cased ones, known as AMD3 that are now required to be installed to reduce the risk of fire spread and cable entries are protected by fire proof glands

Completed job with all the necessary labelling to meet the regulations. Just waiting for the carpenter to box in the cables

Over 200 metres of new cable was installed in the living accommodation and in the region of 300 metres was removed for scrap

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