Smaller Jobs Completed

Smaller jobs are the bread and butter for electricians. All are treated with the same care and subject to the same rigorous testing to ensure they are safe and Minor Works Certificates issued where necessary.

This customer required some little strip lamps installed under the stairs. There is a second light around the corner and a little architrave switch to turn them on and off. All cabling was hidden for less impact.

This security light was fitted to a garage. It is the anti light pollution type that means that light isn't thrown everywhere and is directional due the shape of the fitting.

This was a job for a customer who wanted to use an existing SWA cable that was feeding a single security light at the end of the garden. They want the cable broken into at four points so they could add some additional garden lights. This is a Wiska box, completely waterproof, and shows the correct way to terminate SWA.

This is another Wiska box with the cover on. This one was installed in a garage on an SWA feed from the house feeding a small consumer unit for lights and sockets. Prior to fitting this the SWA cable had not been terminated correctly meaning there was no earth for the garage, which is extremely dangerous when you are using electric tools in the garden.

47 halogen downlights were converted to LED in this property and new dimmer switches were required to allow for LED bulbs. These couple of pictures of the shower show before and after shots and the different light hues that can be achieved with LED's


The major advantage is the cost saving of using LED bulbs. They use one tenth of the electricity of conventional bulbs and the cost to upgrade is normally covered by the saving

A new chandelier fitted. This is again fitted with dimmerable LED bulbs. This required a scaffolding platform to be hired due to the height of the ceiling. 

New outdoor lights with LED bulb

Christmas lights installed 

New outside light fitted.

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